Monday, May 16, 2011

10 insurans yang pelik dan MAHAL

1, cricketer to buy insurance policies worth $ 370,000 beard 

2, the three sisters the value of one million pounds to buy policy is a virgin 

3, sommelier worth 8 million to buy nose insurance policy 

4, the food critic to buy insurance policies worth $ 350,000 taste buds 

5, the football players to buy insurance policies worth $ 144,000,000 feet 

6, yo-yo champion the value of $ 150,000 to buy a pair of hands protection policy 

7, coffee tasters to buy insurance policies worth $ 14,000,000 tongue 

8, the star value of $ 10,000,000 to buy dental insurance policy 

9, the value of $ 28,000 to buy actress policy is slender waist 

10, guitarist bought $ 1,600,000 policy is the middle finger

gelang kristal rm5!!

gambar cara pakai masker vagina :)

ibu kolagen asli (pure marine collagen)

cara masukkan pengantin dara dalam vagina

kalo suka sila share :)

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