Friday, June 17, 2011

printed on silver foil 

 glow in the dark:

 wooden stamp made from 120-year-old fir trees:

 embroidered stamp

 world’s first stamp made of soccer ball material 

(on the right: famous Lufthansa's soccer ball airplane paint scheme)

The stamp contains 0.03 grams of dust from a meteorite

cloth stamps

pieces of rock from the famous landmark:

 thinly sliced cork 

beads on a sheet shaped

scented stamps

stamp bearing the aroma of sweet and sour pork (above, right).

 stamps smell of burnt wood:

 this stamp is scented with the aroma of coffee,

the stamp merely smells like chocolate  

  stamp with the scent of eucalyptus

The stamp shown above right is giving off sandalwood scent; it comes from India.

Several countries have placed moving images on their stamps. This one from Austria includes forty eight images, which allow a three second “movie” to appear when the stamp is viewed from certain angles.

made of steel:

These embossed stamps, depicting famous world leaders, are printed on plastic:

  real phonograph records.  

  actual CD-ROMs

gelang kristal rm5!!

gambar cara pakai masker vagina :)

ibu kolagen asli (pure marine collagen)

cara masukkan pengantin dara dalam vagina

kalo suka sila share :)

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