Friday, October 7, 2011

fakta menarik mengenai haiwan

 1 ) No right turn! The bats do not need any boards, for its always the left turn for them when exiting a cave.
2 ) Heavyweights! The tongue of a blue whale could weigh more than a full-grown adult elephant.
3 ) Your pet cat can scare a black bear. The big fellow will run up a tree to save itself from the little domestic creature. Meow, meow!
4 ) Animal accents! The accent of a cow’s mooing depends on the region it belongs to.
5 ) Music lovers! Make a cow listen to music and there will be more milk in the bucket!
6 ) “Moo, moo,” says the cow everywhere in the world; and a pig says “Moo, moo” in Japan.
7 ) The eyesight of dogs are better than that of human beings.
8 ) Simon says Jump! No point an elephant simply cannot jump to even save its life.
9 ) An elephant can smell water from a distance of three miles.
10 ) On an average a hen lays 19 dozen eggs in a year.
11 ) Sharks are the only known species to never suffer from cancer.
12 ) While the male lion rests in its den, it is the females that have go out and get the food.
13 ) The small intestine of an ostrich measures upto 46-feet in length.
14 ) Oysters change from male to female gender several times during their lifespan.
15 ) A storage bin! The duckbill platypus is known to store upto six hundred worms in its cheek pouches.
14 ) Have you heard of a sheep with blue wool? Well, a couple of animal breeders from Russia had claimed sometime ago that they bred sheep with natural blue wool.
15 ) Sleeping beauties! Gorillas sleep up to fourteen hours, a day.
16 ) Every shrimp is actually born a male and then become females as they mature.

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