Sunday, February 5, 2012

2011 Most Popular Products Search

The 10th most popular products search on Google, was "dresses."

No. 9 Product Search: Amazon. Not a product unto itself, but a path to a mecca of consumer goods. Here: The Amazon shipping line.

No. 8 Product Search: eBay. The online auction site beat out rival Amazon for the No. 8 slot in the Google product search's top-10 list for 2011.

No. 7 Product Search: iPad. The Apple tablet, not surprisingly, was a popular item this year -- at least, when it came to browsing online for them.

No. 6 Product Search: Laptop. The iPad-style tablet hasn't defeated the "old-fashioned" laptop quite yet, it seems.

No. 5 Product Search: Boots. Footwear, as always, was a top seller online.

No. 4 Product Search: iPhone. The must-have mobile phone was a must-search keyword.

No. 3 Product Search: iPod. Believe it or not, the iPod beat out sibling product the iPhone for the No. 3 spot on the Google product search.

No. 2 Product Search: TV. There's not denying it: Americans watch a lot of television.
No. 1 Product Search: Shoes.

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