Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sayangkan kucing, anak mati kebuluran

A 2 year 10 month old Japanese baby has starved to death because the his father was more concerned with raising the cat.

Police stated that the starved baby must have gone into survival mode, eating anything he could find, after pieces of diaper, cat litter, plastic, and paper were found in his belly.

The father denied the charges and also offered the following statement:  ”It’s not that I didn’t do anything.  It was just my cat was more important than my child.” (???!!!)

Japanese social service were alerted to the boys situation after his check up at 6-7 months old, he was only 13.7 pounds.  This tragic and heartbreaking case could have been prevented.

The social service had gone to the house to check on the baby five times, but to no avail as the father would never let them see the boy or they weren’t home.

When the boy died he only weighed 12.8 pounds.  Normal average weight for a 2 year 10 month old boy is 29.7 pounds.

The mother called the police saying her baby was not breathing.  Police immidiately rushed the baby to the hospital but he died that night.  Officers are investigating the case after hospital officials told them that they suspect the parents were neglecting the child. Unfortunately it’s a little to late.

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