Monday, August 6, 2012

cara mudah untuk dapatkan kissable lips

You Will Need:
  • Honey
  • A small spatula/ spoon
  • Close wraps or any thin, stretchy plastic material
1) Make sure to wash your lips (and brush your teeth!) so you don’t mix any part of your last meal with your lip mask.
2) Using the spatula or back of a spoon, apply a generous amount of honey on your lips.
3) Prepare a piece of close wrap that’s big enough to cover your lips then carefully place it on your puckers. The plastic will help seal in all the goodness of the honey.
4) Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove the plastic and wipe the extra honey from your lips.
5) Unless it really makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to rinse your lips with water. The remaining honey on your lips will feel like a light layer of lip balm.
6) Apply your regular lip balm to seal in all the goodness. Tadaa! You now have super soft and literally sweet-tasting lips!

Aren’t you Licking your Lips Yet?
Even if you don’t have a romantic date kiss to prepare for, you can try doing this lip mask for your own good XD

*from ecobeautysecrets

gelang kristal rm5!!

gambar cara pakai masker vagina :)

ibu kolagen asli (pure marine collagen)

cara masukkan pengantin dara dalam vagina

kalo suka sila share :)

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