Wednesday, January 11, 2012

takut sampai mati

Three dogs broke into a rabbit farm in China and
scared 600 rabbits to death.

Yan Fugen, owner of the farm in Haixin village of Zhejiang province, found the dead rabbits after three dogs broke into his farm.

"I woke up to feed the rabbits around 4am, and saw the ground turned white from far."

"When I got near, I saw the animals lying motionless and those still alive were being chased after by three dogs," he said.

Yan said he had been
rearing 1,500 rabbits, and two-thirds of them had died.

"About 400 have bite marks on their bodies while the rest have no injuries."

Chen Dongxiang, an expert with the local animal husbandry bureau, said the deaths were the result of the animals' stress response.

"When rabbits or other animals are scared by loud noises or sudden surprises, their bodies secrete large amounts of adrenaline.

"Their sympathetic nervous system also enter into a state of excitation, causing their hearts to beat faster and their organs to function improperly.

This can lead to death," said Chen.

He said pheasants, like rabbits, can also be scared to death.

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