Friday, November 25, 2011

haiwan2 yang superb besar!

Check out this collection of the tallest, heaviest and largest animals we’ve ever seen.

The mighty Emperor of Exmoor: The largest deer ever spotted in Great Britain was 9 foot 300 pound red stag and was unfortunately killed by poachers in 2010.
The world’s heaviest dog was Hercules, an English mastiff. He had a 38 inch neck and weighed an astonishing 282 pounds.
The Great Dane George is the tallest reported dog. He stood at 3.5 feet.
The largest horse was this Belgian beauty named Radar, who stood 6 feet and weighed an amazing 2,393 pounds.
Big Cow Chili is the heaviest and tallest cow on Earth at a ton and standing at 1.83 cm.
The world’s largest pig was from China and she died before she could make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Her length was 8.2 feet, had a 7.3 waist and her long teeth measured 5.7 inches.
A resident of Hampshire, Ian Welch, caught this 767-pound stingray off the coast of Thailand. He managed to pull this huge specimen back home, but his boat was almost flipped over in the process.
The largest catfish was caught in northern Thailand on the Mekong River. The fish stretched 6.5 feet and weighed in at 644 pounds.
The largest cat ever was this mixture of a lion and tigress from Miami that weighed 897 pounds.
This huge shark was caught off the coast of China and named “The Whale.” It weighed 8 tons and was 32 feet long.
The longest rabbit was this 2.6-foot fluffy bunny called Emy.
The largest snake was found in Indonesia, and stretched 48.7-feet and weighed 983 pounds.

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